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Computer & Internet Security
With Internet fraud and online crime on the increase, it is vitally important that your are secure when you are online. Various methods are employed by criminals wishing to steal your money or personal information, including the following:
Email "Phishing"

You are prompted by email to access a criminal's website that appears to be from your bank.

Key Loggers

Hidden programs that monitor the keys which you press when you access banking and shopping websites, in order to subsequently transmit your passwords and credit card information.

Generic Spyware

Software that records your use of the internet by stealing personal information about you in order to display targeted adverts.


Programs that "take over" your machine by changing your homepage, redirecting web-searches to their pages and attempting to control your internet use.

Plymouth Computer Doctor has years of experience in protecting computers from outside intrusion and uses the latest software to maximise online security. With a comprehensive security package installed by one of our fully-trained engineers, you can take peace of mind that your business remains solely yours. We will ensure that you understand what it does and how each component works so that you can use it as effectively as possible. Contact us today on 01752 337374 or by clicking here.

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