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Anti-Virus and Spyware Protection
The number of viruses and malicious programs trying to infect our computers is massive and ever-growing. PCs are at risk at all times when connected to the internet and it is easy to become infected, despite taking extreme care. Some (stealth) programs can self-install without needing your permission and may operate covertly so you aren't aware of them. Furthermore, some types of virus can download others and a machine can become overwhelmed very quickly.
If you become suspicious of any of the following you are likely to be infected:

 Pop-up Windows

 Changed Internet Homepage

 Unwanted Adverts

 PC Dialling Premium Rate Phone Numbers

 Extra Internet Explorer Toolbars

 New Programs / Desktop Icons

 Redirected Searches

 Virus Warnings

Our engineers have years of experience in removing viruses and spyware and shielding against them for the future. We use the latest software and utilities to assist in the speedy disinfection and protection of our customers' machines and aim to complete the work on site wherever possible. Call us today on 01752 337374 (24 hours) or click here.

Additional information: Virus infection rates (Plymouth Computer Doctor's Statistics).
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